Getting Started

Step 1: Sign up for Quarantine Connections via a valid Facebook account.

Step 2: Agree to Terms of Service.

Our Terms of Service includes a User Code of Conduct and explains how we connect our community members in a friendly and safe way. Once you agree to this, you can begin sending and receiving letters.

Step 3: Complete Profile.

Add your personal biography and mailing address for others to see when they match with you as a writer or recipient.

Step 4: Add yourself as a letter-writer.

You must write a letter before you ask one for one. You can ask for up to 6 letters at once.

Step 5: Ask for a letter.

You can ask for a letter for yourself, or any recipient who has given permission for you to share their address (a parent, sibling, or sick friend, for example). You can specify what you’d like to read about, ask questions, or solicit stories.

Step 6: Write a letter.

Quarantine Connections will email you when someone selects you as their letter-writer, and provide you with their nickname address, bio, and prompt. If you are open to hearing back, say so - and include your name and mailing address. This is not required.

Step 7: Post to Instagram. (optional)

Take a picture of your letter and post it with the hashtag #QCletters to Instagram. It will appear on our site’s feed. This encourages others to join in the project by seeing what community members have written.

Step 8:

Send your mail and confirm it’s on the way via the Quarantine Connections site. Please mail your hand-crafted note within three days, and confirm it has been sent via the dashboard, or via the link in the email we sent you. Once you have confirmed your letter is sent, you can go back to Step 4 and request another letter.

Step 9: Receive a hand-crafted note! Confirm it was received on the site.

If your letter-writer has prompted a response, feel free to send a note back — but you are under no obligation to do so.

Step 10: Participate again, if you want to

Feel free to go back to Steps 4 or 5 writing more handwritten notes, and/or requesting letters for yourself and others. Generally, you write one letter for each letter you request.